Horror Stories

Inspection Specialists LLC


Don’t become the topic of a horror story

Imagine buying a home only to find out several months later that there are problems with the electrical wiring or the wood has begun to rot in several places where your pipes are leaking, costing you thousands of dollars to fix. Having Inspection Specialists perform a home inspection prior to purchasing your home can eliminate costly repairs and even instances of extreme damage to your home like the examples below:


There was no disclosure indicating termites.

Moisture stains on the foundation below the stucco. The owner has caulked the bottom of the stucco. The owner has had a licensed contractor who has surfaced coated all of the stucco that was cracked, discolored and deteriorated from roof leakage. The building materials under the stucco are completely deteriorated. This surface coat has cosmetically covered stucco damage to sell the home. Repairing this condition will require thousands of dollars and removal of the stucco siding.

The owner stated that there had never been termites. This is a floor joist that is completely hollow from termite damage. There was termite damage everywhere. I hope your inspector catches this.

The brand new roof is sagging above this framing.

Where is the support? 

The ledger board is not properly anchored to the structure. The ledger board is loose and separated. This deck is likely going to fall off of the house at your next deck party. This is a safety hazard.


 What termites. "We have never had termites at our house". Are there termites in Utah? Termites are everywhere. If you dont catch them and treat them in time, thousands of dollars in damage will occur.


Termite trails making it up concrete.


 The stucco on this home was recently surface coated by a local licensed contractor. When I looked under the stucco siding, the wall sheathing was completely deteriorated. I could pick out the OSB sheathing with my fingers. The sheathing rotted and was currently wet from previous rain. The pieces of wall sheathing would drain water when squeezed. The repairs were performed 2-weeks prior to the inspection. 

 This is a story is about a young couple, buying a home in the Salt Lake Vally because they needed more room for their young children. Their agent recommended three names and referred Inspection Specialists as the inspection company that he thought provided the most detail. When the buyer called and requested an inspection, we were booked for the time that they wanted the inspection. The agent told the buyers that he would be more than happy to request an extension on the inspection deadline. The buyers did not want to wait, so they went with one of the other names that was referred by their agent. Well, after the inspection went through with flying colors and the buyers moved into the home, they realized that the entire basement had previously flooded. There was mold four feet up every wall in the basement behind the wallpaper. Needless to say, the home was condemned. The homeowners had to move out and were not able to take any personal belongings with them. These folks could not afford another property because they had to continue paying the condemned house mortgage. The home was unable to be occupied. Think about what you want in your inspection report. Remember, you get what you pay for. 







 This is a defective roof shingle. The primary barrier has failed. The secondary barrier is being used as the primary barrier. This roof needs to be replaced...Yesterday.

 The electrical system has been upgraded? New lights, outlets and wiring attached to knob and tube wiring. Not done by a licensed electrician.

 The wall looked great. After further investigation, it is evident that the shower pan is leaking. The shower, the water damaged floor and the water damaged wall will need to be removed and re-built by a "Qualified" contractor.

 Does your stucco look like this. The building materials around this connection are rotted and need to be replaced. This will will cost thousands of dollars to repair/replace.