Pre-Listing Inspection

When you go to sell your property there is a very good chance that the person buying your property will get an inspection performed. When the inspection is done, the buyer may have a list of issues and concerns that were discovered during the inspection. The buyer was unaware of these issues before making an offer on the property. The buyer typically likes these issues repaired by the owner before the purchase of the property. When the owner states that they are not going to fix or compensate the buyer for these issues, the buyer walks away from the property to go find another property. The owner and agent gets angry and call the inspector to give him a piece of their mind. The inspector states that the items found during the inspection are items that should have been previously repaired. The inspector states that if the owner would have had the property inspected before listing or selling the property, that these issues would have been discovered and the opportunity for repair or disclosure would have been possible. These items that the buyer walked away from your property for, will now need to be disclosed to any new buyers buying the property. If you would have had the property inspected before trying to sell the property you could have had all the items addressed and the sell of your property would have happened quickly and smoothly.